Bobby Burns #2 (Crockett’s Version) & Bobbie Womack — Across 110th Street

Здравствуйте, Уважаемые !

Снова экселлент с абсентом.

Bobby Burns #2 (Crockett’s Version)


Garnish:Maraschino cherry

60 ml Blended Scotch whisky
30 ml Martini Rosso
1 dash Orange bitters
15 ml La Fee Parisienne Superieure (Орлин)

Robert Burns
How to make:
POUR absinthe into ice-filled glass. TOP with water and leave to stand. Separately STIR Scotch, vermouth and bitters with ice. DISCARD contents of glass (absinthe, water and ice) and fill with fresh ice. STRAIN contents of mixing glass into ice-filled absinthe-coated glass.
Scotch and vermouth with added interest courtesy of absinthe and orange bitters.
Recipe adapted from Albert Stevens Crockett’s 1931 ‘The Old Waldorf-Astoria Bar Book’ where the drink is listed as «Robert Burns» accompanied by the following notation, «It may have been named after the celebrated Scotsman. Chances are, however, that it was christened in honour of a cigar salesman, who ‘bought’ in the Old Bar [at the Waldorf-Astoria].»

Cocktail historian, Gaz Regan discovered that in the 1923 edition of Valentine’s Manual of Old New York, a book edited by Henry Collins Brown, there is a picture with the following description:

«The island plot at corner of Forty-second Street, and Broadway in 1880, now occupied by the ‘Times’ building, after the demolition of the Pabst restaurant and brownstone houses.»

The scene includes billboards advertising Bergen Beach, the Castle Square Opera Company, and the Lyceum Theatre, which was playing The Moth and the Flame at the time but as Gaz points out, «Most interesting, though, is the shop that stands in the foreground of the picture. The words on the awning proclaim, Robert Burns Cigars.»

As Gaz explained in his Drinks Bulletin, «Albert Stevens Crockett might well have been correct when he said that the drink could have been named for a cigar salesman, but ‘Robert Burns’ was the name of a brand of cigar, and although it’s very possible that the guy who owned this shop went by the same name, it’s more likely that The Robert Burns cocktail that was created at the old Waldorf was named for the shop, as a nod to the owner. The old Waldorf Astoria [which stood on the site of today’s Empire State Building] didn’t open until 1893, some 13 years after the aforementioned picture was taken, but it’s not a big stretch to think that the cigar vendor was still in business when the hotel opened, and the Robert Burns brand of cigars was still on the market in the 1960s, or maybe later.»

Thanks Gaz.

Отличный, чуток где-то подправить бы и действительно будет супер.

Тут небезызвестный саундтрек.

До завтра, Ваш Дохтур


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