Fish House Punch #1 & Коррозия Металла — Crazy House

И снова я рад Всех видеть, пусть и не всех очно !

Fish House Punch #1


Garnish:Lemon slice & dust with grated nutmeg

30 ml Cognac V.S.O.P.
30 ml Bacardi Gold Rum
22 ml Crème de pêche de vigne liqueur
22 ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice
8 ml Sugar syrup (1 water : 2 sugar)
60 ml Chilled water

How to make:
SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.
This fruit laced mix is neither too sweet, nor too strong. It is perfect.
Probably the most famous of all punch recipes this believed to have originated at a Philadelphia fishing and social club called the ‘State in Schuylkill Fishing Corporation’ which was established in 1732 with a club house built on the banks of Pennsylvania’s Schuylkill River (pronounced Skoo-kul). When the drink was first made here is unknown but drinks historian David Wondrich says the first written reference to the Fish House Punch appeared in 1794.

Others say it was first made in 1848 by Shippen Willing of Philadelphia to celebrate women being allowed into the Fish House for the first time for a Christmas Party. Whatever the origin, as with all traditional punch recipes, this would have originally been mixed in larger quantities and served from a punch bowl. Many modern variations use soda water (club soda) in place of mineral water. The inclusion of peach liqueur is a modern substitute for the traditional barrel-aged peach brandy. However, some believe the Schuylkill original omitted peach entirely.

The following poem may be recited when serving a Fish House Punch.

There’s a little place just out of town,
Where, if you go to lunch,
They’ll make you forget your mother-in-law
With a drink called Fish-House Punch.

Куча английских букв, зачем-то. Результат неплохой, но уж прям не этакий.

Разбавим буржуем отечественным металлопромом. Колбасился я как то в своё время под их пластинки )

До завтра, Ваш Доктор.


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