Tex Collins

Tahoe Cocktail

Tampa Tarpon

Tequila Rickey

Tequila Sour

The Nut Cranberry


Three Faces


Trade Winds

Tequila Guayaba


Trinity Variation

Tobago Cocktail

Tiger’s Milk

Tom Johnston Cocktail

Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century Cocktail

Tsukanoma No.1



Two-One-Two (212)

The Knight Cup

The Golden Era

The Garden Gimlet

The Encantador


Throw the horns

The Old Chomlean

Texas Special Cocktail

Trilby #1

Trilby #2

Twelve rounds

Tropical Breeze

Tutti Frutti

Tango Martini

The 75


Turn of the Century

Torpedo Juice

Tokyo Bloody Mary

The Adams

Tiger Lily

Two from L.A.

The Maloney No. 2

Tropical Cocktail

Tahitian Club

Tahiti Club


The Onset

The Noble Order

Twin Six Cocktail

Twelve Gauge


The Jake Walk

Time Traveler

Ticket to Paradise

Taki-Taki Cocktail

Terrible  Love

Tequila Scaffa

The Archie Bunker

Tombstone Mule

The Lizzie Asher


The Winchester

The Root and the Flower

The Boothby

Taylor Precedent

The Roycroft Cocktail

The Third Man

The King’s Mistress

The Blue Hour

The Bentley


Three Mile Limit Cocktail

The Silent X

Tippi Boat

The Invitation

Torino Zombie

The Last Laph

The Asbury

Take the Long Way Home

The Showdown

The Count’s Swizzle

Threepenny Opera


The Ticket That Exploded

Topsy Turvy

The Goldfish

Tres Hands

The Gypsy

The Sun

The Queen of the Night

The Navigator

Three Girl Rhumba

The Legend of the Five Suns

Tao of Pooh

Tonga Pup

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